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How can i tell if a source is credible?

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We recommend that you consider the evaluation criteria that can be remembered by the acronym CRAAP, which you can learn about from this webpage: http://www.csuchico.edu/lins/handouts/eval_websites.pdf Answering these questiosn will help you to determine a resource's credibility. For more assistance with this, please contact your local LRC!    

Is there a template for an APA reference sheet for students to use?

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You can find a template of an APA paper, on our APA webpage. This will also show you the steps for formatting the paper. You'll find examples of reference page entries on the Purdue OWL website: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/05/      

What is the best web browser for Blackboard 9?

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Blackboard 9 (BBv9) has many issues with Internet Explore version 9. Because of those problems, we recommend that students use Firefox when accessing Blackboard. If you do not have Firefox on your computer you will need to download Firefox web browser, which can be found at: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ Here is a LINK to Blackboard's supported browser page.

How do i get discounted computer software through the school?

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You can find discounted software at this link: http://www.witc.edu/technology/software.htm

Why won't my text editor turn on?

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Hello,   Please make sure you are using a supported browser for Blackboard.  Here is a LINK to Blackboard's supported browser page.  It can also help to "refresh" your browser window.

Are all the articles online at WITC considered Scholarly articles?

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No, not all articles in our databases are considered "scholarly". A "scholarly" article comes from a "scholarly" journal, meaning that the article was written by an expert in that field and reviewed by other experts in that field before it was published. Scholarly articles provide information that's at a higher level than the "average" person might understand.  For example, I am not a medical prof ... read more

Do you have any resources to help with writting a resume?

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You can find information about resumes (and cover letters, and portfolios) here: http://www.screencast.com/t/uzqTelhQ It describes WinWay software we make available on campus. Or you could choose to use the Microsoft Word template, as shown in the video. You can also find more resources in the attachment. For more assistance, please visit your local ETC or LRC. Thank you for contacting us via the ... read more

How do I login to WISCAT to request an inter-library loan?

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You simply go to the LRC website, on the lefthand side click on "WISCAT", select your campus, and than start searching.   This VIDEO will give you a quick walk through on finding WISCAT as well as how to search for items.

Where can I look up which textbooks I will need for my class?

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You can find information (including ISBN numbers) for your textbooks for the upcoming semester by going to the bookstore(s) website. You can find links to all four bookstores at: http://www.witc.edu/stusvcs/bookstore.htm Click on the campus closest to you, or where your classes will be taught from.  Next, click on the blue button that says "Find Book Information or Order Books Online".  You will b ... read more

How do I download Springer e-books?

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Please see our helpful guide LINK for searching and downloading Springer e-books!

How do I access Badgerlink from home?

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If you are asked to login to Badgerlink from home you will need to use the library card access. You'll need to first choose "Library Card Login", than select one of the WITC campuses (listed by city), then enter WITC and your student ID with no spaces (example: WITC12345678) Here's a demonstration: http://www.witc.edu/librarycontent/images/Badgerlink_Cheat.png Please let us know if you need furthe ... read more

Do you have large print books available? And books available in Braille?

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Unfortunately the Learning Resource Centers do not collect large print or braille books to lend. You do have the option of requesting large print materials through interlibrary loan via the WISCAT system. You can learn more about doing that by visiting your local LRC for assistance, or by watching this video:  http://www.witc.edu/library/ill.htm   You might also find assistance in obtaining these ... read more

How do I get iTunesU podcasts on my iPod?

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The easiest way to Sync podcasts on the iPod classic is to use your computer to download the podcasts through iTunes than plug your iPod into the computer and snyc your iTunes. Here is a LINK to Apples directions on how to do that.

What is "Primo"?

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Primo is a one-stop shop for your research. Using Primo, you can search the LRC's physical and virtual resources in one place! Primo also allows you to save searches and resources, and manage your account by showing your due dates and permittiing renewal of books and videos. You can try Primo, and learn more about it by viewing the videos, on this page: http://www.witc.edu/library/primo.htm ***Pri ... read more

How do I use the Discussion Board in my Blackboard course?

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You can find some assistance with Blackboard and the Blackboard discussion boards by watching these videos: http://www.screencast.com/t/G7y0aLmn (For the following video, you'll need to enter a username/password that can be found when you log into MyWITC): http://www.atomiclearning.com/highed/bb9_student Or please visit your Learning Commons for more help!  

How do I write a paper in the APA formatting style?

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We have several resources available for help with APA formatting.  You can check out our online guide at http://www.witc.edu/library/apa or you can go to your closest Learning Resource Center on campus and check out the APA 6th Edition Manual.

How do I get into Badgerlink?

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Click on Badgerlink, then choose library card access, then follow the directions here: http://www.witc.edu/librarycontent/images/Badgerlink_Cheat.png

When citing a website in a paper, do you use the website or the person who reviewed the website last?

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When citing a website, it is conditional on who claims the rights to whatever you may be citing. If the reviewer is for the specific article (i.e. author, editor) you would use that person in your citation.  If the reviewer is only for the website (i.e. webmaster), but isn't responsible for individual article content, you would use the website in your citation.

How do you do a screenshot on a Mac?

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Here is a LINK to a WikiHow page with steps and animations on taking screenshots with Macs.  Depending on which Mac OS you're running some of these may not work, but hopefully one will.

Is there a resource for students on how to take notes in a lecture?

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We do not have a handout or video available online, however there are a few resource available in the Learning Resource Centers as well as note taking handouts and workshops available through the Student Success Centers.

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