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Are all the articles online at WITC considered Scholarly articles?

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No, not all articles in our databases are considered "scholarly".

A "scholarly" article comes from a "scholarly" journal, meaning that the article was written by an expert in that field and reviewed by other experts in that field before it was published. Scholarly articles provide information that's at a higher level than the "average" person might understand.  For example, I am not a medical professional, so an article in a scholarly nursing journal article would probably be more advanced than I might be able to understand without additional explanation. 

See this website for more information on what makes an articles "scholarly":  http://libguides.csuchico.edu/scholarly

Some articles in our databases come from magazines, newspapers, and other sources which provide good information, but which aren't considered "scholarly" sources.

You can limit your searches within our databases to only show you "scholarly" or "peer reviewed" sources.