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Is there an online learning site for general studies?

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Learning Express Library, via Wisconsin's Badgerlink resource collection, is an awesome place to practice reading, writing, and math skills.

Here's a short video that demonstrates Learning Express: http://www.screencast.com/t/Eo48cnTviJT

To get there:

1. You'll need to go to the WITC Databases Page: http://www.witc.edu/library/databases.htm

   1a. If you're off-campus, there is a chance that Badgerlink will ask you for Library Card Access. Here's a demonstration of what to do for that: http://www.witc.edu/librarycontent/images/Badgerlink_Cheat.png

2. Once you're in Badgerlink, you'll need to scroll halfway down the page and select "Learning Express Library"

3. Your first step in Learning Express Library is to create a new account. Click the "register" button in the middle of the page near the bottom, then just create your own username and password. This will save your work in Learning Express, so don't forget this information as you'll need it the next time you use Learning Express.

4. You'll find useful guides, exercises, and practice tests for reading, writing, and math by clicking on "College Preparation" button, then choosing "College Placement Preparation."

If you need further assistance, please visit your local WITC Learning Resource Center